100 Beauty Salons And Charities Awards

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Youth Business University (YBU) and our partner Stunning Transitions (Hair Care and Restoration Studio) along with our co-presenting sponsors, Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center, and the Georgia Home-Based Business Chamber of Commerce have organized a grand gala to honor and recognize 100 Beauty Salon Owners and Leaders who are pillars of the community, family, and a role-model for today’s Next Generation in relationship to our 100 Beauty Salons "Royal" Laureate Awards Gala.

The 100 Beauty Salons "Royal" Laureate Awards Gala  will take place at Liberty Baptist Church on March 1, 2015, from 3:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

We believe that Beauty Salon Owners are one of the cornerstone leaders pertaining to “Saving Our Youth Now” in America and globally. 

Besides honoring these 100 Beauty Salon Owners and Leaders, we want to recognize and help raise funds for their favorite charity of choice.  Wow, can you imagine 100 salon owners, leaders and charities being honored at this awards ceremony which will be the first of its kind in the world and history in the making?

At this ceremony, we also want to bring awareness of the “State of Today’s Youth” and launch Youth Business University’s capital funding campaign to help us meet our budget requirements and build an “environmental (go green) state of the art youth university” that has an education center, elite fitness and sports center and entertainment center in the Greater Atlanta Region.